Specific fic lost - Bargaining by Proantagonist

Hey everyone! HELP!

I noticed recently my absolute favorite fanfic in the marvel cinematic universe was deleted and now I'm desperate to get an Epub version so I may enjoy its glory once more. 

The name is Bargaining by Proantagonist 

I downloaded a long time ago but the memorystick has become corrupted and now I am desperate. If you want to help me out please send it to annekeespoeter@gmail.com.

Thank you so much!!

FOUND - Shire invaded by goblins

I looking for a fanfic that I have lost track of and I really want to finish reading. What I remember 

 1. The Shire is invaded by goblins and besides the hobbits killed the rest just vanished into thin air. With the excpetion of Bilbo, Frodo and 2 child hobbits who are staying with Elrond. 

2. Frodo writes to the company and ask them to cheer Bilbo up with a letter but they come to the rescue instead. 

3. The hobbits go with the company to Erebor and make it after some troubles (goblins attacks) and Thorin rides out to fight the goblins and protects Bilbo. 

Please help me find this fic, please!